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“Shakhtar” sanatoriumWhen people speak to each other about Ukrainian resorts, they surely recollect the city of Truskavets. 185 years have passed from the moment when this resort started to function and its popularity is constantly growing. Every year thousands of people from different regions of Ukraine and from foreign countries visit Truskavets for the purpose of good rest and to improve one’s health. The places here are really beneficial. Firstly, worldwide known mineral water springs are situated in Truskavets. Secondly, there is a wide choice of divers medical-recreation sanatoriums, holiday-hotels, villas, cottages. Thirdly, this is a fairylike Galician land, where you can admire beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and breathe pure air. Fourthly, there are lots of opportunities to pass your leisure time very interestingly.
The first and foremost task for every visitor of Truskavets resort is to choose a sanatorium. It is natural that everybody wants such a medical establishment, in which they can live in comfortable conditions for reasonable price, pass the medical examination and cure at specialists, have a good rest and nourishment. “Shakhtar” sanatorium beautifully undergoes all these criterions.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium“Shakhtar” sanatorium was established in 1968, according to the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 7 years after, namely in 1975, it was brought into exploitation. In the year of 1991 the sanatorium became the property of independent Ukraine, and in 2004 passed to joint ownership.
Administration, doctors and staff of “Shakhtar” sanatorium direct all their efforts to creating proper conditions of residence and giving qualitative services to our guests. Currently large-scale maintenance works have been conducted in the sanatorium, what gives an ability to receive simultaneously 400 guests and ensure their residence and treatment of the highest European standard.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium represents a big seven-storied building which functions as a unitary complex which encloses: bedroom building (double, single and “suite” rooms), medical building and the canteen. The separate constituent part of the sanatorium is the cottage.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium glorifies of its highly qualified doctors, who by using the newest medical equipment, cure kidneys, liver, cholecyst, gastrointestinal organs, pancreas, prostate, bladder and other organs.
“Shakhtar” sanatoriumCertainly, treatment at “Shakhtar” never takes place without using unique mineral waters: “Naftussia”, “Marusia”, and “Sofia”.
It should be indicated that the founders of “Shakhtar” sanatorium have very successfully chosen the place of its geographical location on the map of Truskavets. It is very easy to reach it. The sanatorium is situated at the distance of 2 km from the railway and bus stations. It will take you 15 minutes of slow walk to reach the mineral waters pump room and the business centre of the city. Everybody who prefers the means of public transport may take a bus which, besides, stops in a couple of meters from the main gates of the sanatorium.
Even the best recreation and treatment would be inferior without an interesting leisure. That stands as a reason for offering a wide variety of possibilities for a pleasant spare time passing at “Shakhtar” sanatorium. Here gym, library, beauty salon, barber’s shop, store, sauna, swimming pool and bar are functioning. You can order excursions to the Carpathians, villages of Boikivshchyna and European countries.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium is the most optimal choice in the regard “price-quality”. If you do not believe, come to Truskavets and get a sight of it.

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