Everybody knows that human health heavily depends on the way he or she eats. Great significance has the nutritive ration, nourishment regime and conditions of meal. Right nourishment enriches organism with the energy needed for the processes of vital activity, ensures the stability of human inner environment, support powers and improves health and ability to work.
Experts of the “Shakhtar” sanatorium taking into consideration the importance of rational meal, organize the dietary nourishment for their guests. Dietotherapy is aimed at improving of treatment or rehabilitation (recovery) of patients. Dietary nourishment helps the vacationers to receive a well-balanced quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, microelements, mineral and other substances which are necessary for the organism.
Highly qualified doctors of “Shakhtar” sanatorium select individual diets for their patients. When making a diet they take into consideration not only special needs of the organism of the human, but also the caloric content of food, its temperature, quantity, consistency.
Special attention is paid also to the food taking regime which enhances the effectiveness of the therapeutic procedures.
So, guests of “Shakhtar” sanatorium eating in the proper canteen of this establishment consume not only delicious, but useful for their health food.
“Shakhtar’s” canteen is designed for 320 people. Its original interior and irreproachable laying out of the tables make a positive impression on visitors, friendly and sincere staff does everything possible for their comfort. Our chefs are worth of the highest praise. They are masters of their trade and they have necessary knowledge considering the technology of cooking dietary dishes.
Vacationers at “Shakhtar” sanatorium are provided with thrice repeated nourishment. There is an ability to eat in two halls, where the value of the nourishment differs, also you can order food according to your individual diet or own tastes.
Besides of the canteen in “Shakhtar” there is also a comfortable bar designed for 36 people.
Staff of the canteen constantly improves the existing and introduces new forms of the organization of the dietary nourishment. Their efforts are aimed at satisfaction of every visitor.

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