Choosing a sanatorium for recreation people often pay attention to the level of service. They are frequently ready to pay a higher sum of money in order to feel comfort and see a normal attitude to themselves.
Everybody who comes for treatment to “Shakhtar” sanatorium pleasantly notes that services here are on the highest level. You will be proposed a whole chain of multiform services aimed at satisfaction of basic needs and requests.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium takes care about its guests from the moment of their very arrival to Truskavets. By the proper transport of the sanatorium they will be transferred from the stations of the town straight to the yard of the sanatorium. Then they will be settled on-the-fly to the rooms of chosen category and will told in details about everything what vacationers need to know about the sanatorium.
Medical examinations, medicative procedures, invalid food, drinking of “Naftussia” and recreation in the room – these are the main actions of those who came for treatment to sanatoriums of Truskavets. And what to do with free time? Vacationers in “Shakhtar” will find no difficulties to find engagement of the soul.
Here the barber’s shop and beauty salon, where experienced specialists will do everything possible for their clients to have a perfect appearance, are working constantly.
For the satisfaction of intellectual needs in the sanatorium a library is functioning. Readers can find there a good few of books of different authors and genres.
For all interested in sport people there is a gym equipped in the sanatorium, volleyball ground, also you can play ping-pong, chess or billiard with new friends who also appear in the course of recreation. For especially active people we organize dance evenings.
For reasonable price guests of “Shakhtar” sanatorium can swim in the swimming pool and feel on their bodies the warmth of the sauna.
For the support of divers development of the vacationers, multiform cultural events are organized at the sanatorium. Thus, temporary residents of “Shakhtar” can spend their time watching movies or interesting presentations on relevant social themes. For those who are interested in modern achievements of medicine and the newest methodologies of the treatment of various diseases experienced specialists periodically read their lectures.
On the appointed days concerts with the performances of local folk groups, musical and singing bands are organized. Supporters of musical art of Ukrainian and Russian pop stars can get to their concerts, as in the town Taras Shevchenko Palace of Culture one of the celebrities gives the performance every day.
Lots of people come to “Shakhtar” sanatorium with intentions of not only improving their health but also of seeing the peculiarities of the Galician land and the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. They can use hundreds of offers from local tour operators and take part as in pedestrian so in bus excursions. Organizers of the sightseeing tours are ready to take their customers to Carpathians, show the historical part of the glorious city of Lviv, and take them to the ancient castles of the Transcarpathia, go to the villages of Boikivshchyna or fishing, and for those who is more solvent we offer excursions to European cities.
Having a rest in “Shakhtar” it is hard not to take notice of a small bar designed for 36 people, the doors of which are widely opened for every visitor.
In addition to the enumerated services there is a store and ATM which are functioning in the sanatorium.
Wise people say: perfection has no limits that is why “Shakhtar” sanatorium does not stop on the achieved, but systematically develop their infrastructure and improve service.

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