Shakhtar” sanatorium is considered to be one of the best sanatoriums of Truskavets balneal resort. Not only inhabitants of post-Soviet countries choose it, but also lots of foreigners. The sanatorium has consolidated its leading positions because of the availability of the newest medical equipment. Modern equipment provides the vacationers with an opportunity of swift passing of the complex examination and receiving veracious results on the basis of which professional doctors prescribe right and effective treatment.
In the medical building of the sanatorium
• Biochemical, clinical and bacteriological laboratories;
• Urological, proctologic, gynecologic rooms;
• Ultrasonic diagnostics room;
• Functional diagnostics of the cardio-vascular system room;
• Duodenal intubation and intra-gastric pH-measurement room;
• Roentgenological room with computer data processing;
Diagnostics centre of computer-aided tomography with the usage of the newest Siemens
• production Samatom Spirit tomography are functioning.
Taking as the basis the data received while examination, doctors prescribe to their patients necessary medicative and preventive procedures and develop the individual diet for them.
“Shakhtar” sanatorium specializes on the treatment of the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, urinary tracts, pancreas, prostate, metabolism, loco-motion system and diabetes mellitus.
Everyone who has heard about Truskavets resort for once cannot fail to know about the local gift of God – “Naftussia” mineral water. It is widely used for treatment of the before mentioned diseases. It is a slightly mineralized, magnesium-calcic, hydrocarbonate water of oil origin with high content of organic matters. It normalizes the metabolism, facilitates the liquidation of the inflammation processes in the organs and tissues, stimulates leaving of the gravel and small stones from kidneys, cholecyst, urinary and bile-excreting tracts, defends and renews the hepatic cells, increases the activity of the internal secretion glands, clears the body of chemical waste, radionuclides and oxidized metabolism products. Besides of “Naftussia” in the medical practice other waters of Truskavets are also used – “Maria” and “Sophia”, and also the mineral wax – ozocerite.
Concerning procedures “Shakhtar” has a big palette of them:
Mineral, coniferous, coniferous-glyceric, pearl and whirlpool baths;
Butyral, herbal, alkaline and medicamentous inhalations;
Hydropathy: upward and circular douche.
Injections of medicaments and homeopathic remedies;
Medicamental applications of ozocerite;
Irrigation and lavage of the intestine with decoctions of herbs or mineral water from the spring # 5.
Gynecologic procedures: vaginal irrigations, vaginal mud tampons.
Medicative physical training on the sports ground.
Physio-therapeutic procedures: cone-quartz; “Bioptrone” lamp treatment; phonophoresis; galvanization, medicamental electrophoresis; electro-therapy (cosmetic); amplipulse therapy; laser therapy; diadynamic therapy; UHF-therapy, magnetotherapy, ultra-sonic therapy, aromatherapy; aqua aerobics in the swimming pool.
Butyral; herbal and medicamental micro enema;
Bladder instillation;
Intubations with: salt “Barbara”, magnesium, sorbite;
 Manual massage: classical (1-1,5 un)
“Shakhtar” sanatorium gives such not included in the trip-ticket price services.
Thus, for additional payment vacationers can:
• Expense their energy in gym;
• Breath Solotvyno’s salt in the halochamber;
• Saturate organism with oxygen
• Swim in the swimming pool;
• Use sauna and underwater douche
• Play ping-pong.

The trip-ticket price also does not encloses: ultrasonic diagnostics; hydro-colono therapeutics; rheovasography of upper and lower limbs; feces analysis for disbacteriosis; analysis for Hepatitis B antigen; blood analysis for urinary acid; blood analysis for calcium; ozone therapeutics; criosauna; speleotherapy; solarium; pressotherapy; fresh-bar; herbal tea; alternative methods of medicine; manual therapy; hirudotherapy; complex treatment of the osteochondrosis and is complications; acupuncture.
Under necessity you can consult such specialists as: neuropathologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, and urologist; proctologist, cardiologist, therapeutist, nutritionist, dermatologist, sexual pathologist, pulmonologist, physical therapeutist, and psychotherapist.
Dentist, masseur, and beautician kindly offer their services at the hotel. Thus, having visited the dental room, You can realize the treatment of hard tissues of the tooth (therapy); periodontics; endodontics; prosthesis. You can choose from different kinds of massages: general, anti-cellulitis; honey; vacuum. Professional beautician care will endeavour about your appearance.
for treatment. Pure air and soft climate of Truskavets in combination with professional treatment or diseases prevention will be very healthful for every child.
Many people choose “Shakhtar” because here children starting from five years are taken
Thousands of people who have been improving their health in Truskavets have assured the effectiveness of all medicative services of this sanatorium. Lots of approving references are also heard in address of local doctors and nurses. Having a high qualification and skills acquired by experience of many years, they have deserved the faith of their patients.

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