Tours in Truskavets

Of course, Truskavets is famous all over Ukraine and not only due to local mineral water. At first sight, it seems that the rest in Truskavets is suitable only for pensioners and there is nothing to do, but in fact it is not true. In this article you will know how to diversify your holiday in Truskavets.

If you have been to Truskavets for the first time, there is a good news: the rest here is not only useful for health, but also interesting. Private guides and travel agencies have walking tours and coach trips for all tastes and budgets.

For example, “Shakhtar” holiday resort which is located in Truskavets, offers the following tours:

Excursions around Truskavets

Few people know that Truskavets is not only a beautiful holiday resort but also an ancient city with the interesting history, architectural and cultural monuments.

- Dovbush rocks in the Carpathians

The tours to the Dovbush rock are very popular because it is a unique monument of history and nature. Among the group of rocks 80 meters in height there is a cave maze 200 meters in length.

- Boyko vechornytsi

Boiki is a people living in the Carpathians who has kept their ancient traditions up to this day. They have their folk songs, costumes, funs with a burning whirl and local Carpathian cuisine. You will get acquainted with all that during the tour.

- Great Top

Great Top is a mountain in the Eastern Carpathians, the top of the ridge Polonyna Borzhava. The mountain itself is not very high, 1598 meters above sea level. But this is a very popular place, because the path to the mountain is very simple. You can even get there by car. Great Top has a convenient location (near Truskavets, Uzhhorod and Mukachevo).

- Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe is a castle in Pidhirtsi, Oleskyi and Zolochivskyi in the Lviv region. The tours around these castles are perfect for those who like active holidays, because the route of excursions is planed for the whole day.

- Saints’ relics

It is not a very well known fact that there are a lot of holy places in the Carpathians. Although Truskavets itself can not be called a relic cell, the nearby Sambir, Borislav, Slavske, Hoshiv and Hrushiv have a lot of places were saints were buried. For example, in the temple of holy Anne in Borislav they were buried 720 of them. The tours to these holy places will add to your improving stetate of health vacation in Truskavets spiritual development.

-”Limpopo” Zoo

The Limpopo Zoo is located in Medenychi, Lviv Oblast, and occupies as much as 3.5 hectares. For comparison, this is the area for 8 football stadiums “Arena-Lviv”.
 The zoo is a perfect idea if you arrived in Truskavets with your children. 400 species of animals from all corners of the planet, among which are listed in the Red Book are waiting for you during the tour.

- Lviv - view

- Lviv - night

- Lviv - coffee

The cultural capital of Ukraine is only 90 kilometers from Truskavets. The tours to Lviv are a good opportunity to visit the popular tourist city of Lviv and not to overpay for logging.

- Pochaiv

Pochaiv is a small but interesting town near Truskavets city resort. The main purpose of any excursion in Pochaiv is to visit the Pochaiv Uspensk Lavra. This is the largest monastery in Ukraine and a temple complex (after the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra).

- Drohobych

Drohobych is a city with its own history Once it was a large administrative centre. Nowadays it is the second largest  in population city in Lviv region (after Lviv). The city is rich in sacral and architectural monuments, which are perfectly preserved to this days. During the tour you will see a city hall (which you can climb), the Market Square and the church, built in the 15th-16th centuries.

 - Sambir

Sambir is another small ancient city that you can visit during a holiday in Truskavets. During the tours you will see the old Market Square with colorful buildings and town hall, the relics of St. Valentine and several old churches.

- Skhidnytsia - Yrych

- Skhidnytsia - Yrych - Kamianka

In the course of this tour you will be able to meet with the Skhidnytsia health resort and taste its mineral waters. Near Urich there is an ancient fortress on the rocks "Tustan", built approximately in the 12th century. There is also a picturesque waterfall near the village Kamianka.

- Mukachevo - Berehovo

- Mukachevo - Berehovo - Kosyno

Not far from Mukachevo there is a famous ancient Palanok castle, the first mention of which is contained in the annals of the 11th century. Berehovo is a small city with a population of which is 36 thousand. It is one of the most colorful cities in Ukraine. It is considered to be the capital of the Ukrainian Hungarians. In 1910, 96% of the city’s population were Hungarians , now 50%. Beregovo looks like a typical ancient Hungarian city. Kosino has a large recreational and health resort with thermal springs (the water in it remains hot even in winter). Treatment with thermal water helps for cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, varicosis, as well as muscle and bone injuries. If you want to improve your state of health in Truskavets as efficiently as possible, tours to Kosyno are the perfect option for you.

- Yaremche - Bukovel

- Yaremche - Vorokhta - Bukovel

These tours will appeal to those who are excited about the rest in the wild. Truskavets itself is also a rather picturesque city, but the greatness and beauty of the Carpathians are the most impressive in places such as Yaremche and Bukovel. There are also outdoor activities for each man’s taste.

“Shakhtar”holiday resort also offers:

- Transparpathian round trip

- Tram tour

- Daily fishing from 14:15 to 18:30 for only 160 UAH.

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