Tuskavets city resort

Truskavets has a salubrious environment. The city is widely popular with its healing streams, numerous holiday resorts and rehabilitation centres. Among the general resort establishments there are also two pump-rooms of mineral water (”upper” and “lower”), two resort polyclinics and an inhalator, in this city. In addition, Truskavets is distinguished by its moderately humid and warm climates, which also affects the duration of the winter - it is not long, relatively warm, there are often thaws. Central Park is the main place of rest in Truskavets. There is also a beach in the city as well as walking tours to the mountains for active rest. Despite the existence of a city beach, a large number of Truskavets holidaymakers like having a rest in the pool. Museum experts who come to Truskavets should definitely visit the Mykhailo Bilas art museum and the museum «History of Truskavets».
The holiday resort is located rather well. There Lviv, Ivano Frankivsk and Bukovel not far from here. Just a few hours trip and you are in one of the most wonderful cities in Ukraine

Truskavets holiday resorts

Truskavets holiday resorts are the best choices for those who want to improve their state of health. «Shakhtar» holiday resort in one of the best ones. This holiday resort offers a wonderful holiday, improving of the state of health, an extensive medical base and incredibly effective programs of complex state of health improvement of the body. Since Truskavets city resort is a health-improving institution, then there are the latest medical centres and the uniquely designed treatment technologies. There are about 20 holiday resorts in the city and a lot of hydropathic establishments, polyclinics and pensionate.
Hotels in Truskavets are also well-off and differ from hotels in other cities, they are more than pensionates. Truskavets resort city is famous for one more kind of buildings, which is villas. They are wooden houses, and their peculiar feature is the historical atmosphere of the city. 
When organising a vacation in Truskavets, you should carefully get acquainted with the holiday resort, its price policy and choose the best. If the priority is the price, then you should look for the Internet request “inexpensive vacation in Truskavets". You should consider all the points: start from the aim of your trip ( is it a medical treatment in Truskavets or just improving your state of health and having a rest) up to the least wishes. If you are interested in the weather at the moment, or if you want to personally look on the streets of the city, you can easily search “webcam Truskavets” and you will see what you want.

Medical treatment in Truskavets

Nowadays, medical treatment in Truskavets is a popular and rather inexpensive way to improve the state of health, because the cost of effective treatment is at times less than that of foreign resorts. Price policy, the level of healing properties and the European level professionalism of medical staff attracts not only Ukrainians but also foreigners to Truskavets. The main medical treatment factor of the Truskavets city resort is mineral waters that differ in their chemical composition. Nature paraffin, forest climate and favourable environmental conditions also contribute to a faster recovery of holidaymakers.

Water «Naftusia»

All the well-known medicinal properties of Truskavets waters have long been known. Mineral water “Naftusia” contains a high amount of oil origin organic substances and has no analogy outside Ukraine, which is not surprising, because Truskavets city resort is a unique place itself. The name of this water derives from the history of its origin, because at first an oil was extracted in Truskavets, as well as water that people used to treat a lot of diseases. Many scientists investigated mineral water "Naftusia", and its positive effect on the entire human body has been scientifically proven. It is effective in liver, kidneys and biliary tract diseases.
Apart from the water “Naftusia”, Truskavets offers mineral water from popular sources such as “Sofia”, “Maria” and “Yuzia". Remarkably, each of these waters has a different temperature to increase its therapeutic functions.

Vacations in Truskavets

Hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to improve their state of health on the high quality level and have a good rest come to Truskavets annually. For decades, Truskavets holiday resort has been a popular holiday destination for famous stars, politicians and officials. The world-class resort, of course, corresponds to its level and is up to anyone independently of his wishes and financial capacity.

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