Everyone knows that human health depends on how he or she eats to a great extent. Dietary intakedietary regime and food intake conditions are of the great importance. Eutrophy enriches the body with the energy necessary for the life processes, provides human internal environment strength, sustains force, promotes harmonious development, improves efficiency and well-being. 
Specialists of the Shakhtar holiday resort take into account the importance of rational food intake and organize a a healthy diet for their clients. Diet therapy is aimed at improving of the treatment or patients rehabilitation. The healthy diet helps holidaymakers to get a balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, microelements, minerals and other substances that are so necessary for the body.
The highly skilled doctors of Shakhtar select intraspesific diets for their patient. When compiling the diet, they take into account not only the special needs of the human body, but also the caloric content of food, its temperature, quantity, consistence. 
Special focus is on the food intake regime, which enhances the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures. 
So, clients of the Shakhtar holiday resort, who have their meals at resort coffee-room, consume not only delicious , but also nutritious food.
The dining room Shakhtar is designed for reception of 280 people at time. Its original interior and impeccable table serving make a positive impression on visitors. Friendly and frank service staff does everything for visitors’ comfort. Chefs deserve the highest praise. They are masters of their craft and possess the necessary knowledge of the the technology of dietary dishes cooking. 
The holidaymakers at the Shakhtar holiday resort are provided with three times dietary meals. Here you can order food according to your intraspecific diet or your own preferences.
Besides the dining room, a cozy bar for 42 people is constantly working in the Shakhtar holiday resort.
The dining room staff constantly improves the existing and introduces new forms of organization of healthy diet. Their efforts are aimed at ensuring that each holidaymaker is satisfied.

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