Mansion in Shakhtar holiday resort

The mansion in Shakhtar holiday resort is waiting for its habitats. It is prepared to become a home away from home for you. Each visitor entering the Shakhtar holiday resort, unintentionally shifts his gaze from the huge holiday resort complex on a small two-story building with a basement. This is the mentioned mansion of the Shakhtar holiday resort, with an area of 346 m2. Its peculiar design delights the eye not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening, due to the perfectly organzed lighting. The mansion is  exactly for the rest with the whole family  or with close friends. 
Opening the mansion door on the first floor, you will appear in the hall, which makes your way to the luxurious living room. It is really comfortable here. The unique interior of the living room evokes feelings of fascination and desire to stay in this room for a long time. Easing yourself on a comfortable sofa, you can spend your time watching favourite TV shows on the big 52 "TV screen. If you have your own laptop and plan to use it to deal with urgent businesses, you will find a specially equipped work room with an Internet next to the living room. If necessary, this work room can be easily transformed into a bedroom. For this purpose, there is a classy fold-out sofa in the work room. There is a big kitchen dining room on the first floor. There is kitchen utensils necessary for a good mistress, which she can use to surprise her loved ones with her culinary abilities. Of course, no one can do without la avatory and a bathroom.
Climbing the second floor of the mansion, you will see a large hall with a fireplace, two comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom.
Habitats will be able to calmly and quietly analyze the day spent, recollect the cheerful impressions of the resort life and make a plan for the future, looking on the fire burning out in the fireplace in the comfortable hall. 
The bedrooms of the mansion include state-of-the-art beds which are comfortable to sleep on, expensive furniture and large TV. Each room has an air conditioner and a balcony.
The lavatory meets the highest standards. There is a bath, a lavatory basin, a bidet,a wash basin, a large mirror, and a large number of small accessories, including a bath set (towels, bathrobe, slippers). 
The description of the mansion would not be complete without mention of the basement. There are: a gym, a sauna, a small room, which can be used for different purposes and an exit to the garage for two cars.
They say: East or West - home is best. At home even the walls help. A lot of people who like travelling and can afford to live in the most luxurious hotels in the world, anyway, sooner or later, come back home. The home atmosphere and comfort help a person relax after heavy work, improve mood, create sense of safety, and sometimes evoke pleasant memories from far childhood.
For those people, who come in Truskavets for medical treatment and dream about living in conditions close to those at home,  Shakhtar holiday resort offers  mansion, situating on the territory of the resort, but functioning separately. The holidaymakers will be able to feel like a rightful hosts throughout the period of health improvement.
The main services provided by the Shakhtar holiday resort to the holidaymakers are also distributed to habitats living in the mansion. They can visit «Shakhtar’s» medical centre, a separate room in the sanatorium’s dining room, as well as order all other services not included in the package.

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