Service of Shakhtar holiday resort

When choosing  a holiday resort, people often pay attention to its service level. They are often ready to pay a higher price, only to feel comfortable and see a normal attitude towards them. Here you will read about the service of Shakhtar holiday resort
Everyone who comes to the Shakhtar holiday resort, gladly notices that the service here is at the highest level. You will be offered a wide range of services aimed at satisfying basic needs and requests. 
Shakhtar holiday resort takes care of its clients from the moment they arrive in Truskavets. The holiday resort possesses its own means of transport to deliver holidaymakers from the stations straight to the territory of the holiday resort. Then they are quickly placed in the rooms of the class chosen and told in details everything that is necessary to know for the holidaymakers about the holiday resort. 
Checkupstreatment proceduresdietic food, drinking «Naftusia», rest in the room are the main things that almost everyone who comes to the holiday resort in Truskavets does. But what to do at the free time? It’s easy for holidaymakers in «Shakhtar»to find occupation to their heart.
The hairdressing salon and the beauty salon are constantly working there, where experienced specialists will do everything in order to make their clients look perfectly. 
In order to meet the intellectual needs of the holidaymakers, there is a library in the holiday resort. There are a lot of  books of different authors and genres for readers.
For those who want to do sports, there is a gym, a volleyball court. You can also play table tennis, chess or billiards with new acquaintances you always meet during the rest in the holiday resort. There are organized dance parties for the most active ones.
«Shakhtar’s» clients can swim in the pool and experience the sauna heat for free. 
In order to support the comprehensive development of holidaymakers there are organized diverse cultural events in the holiday resort. In this way, transients of «Shakhtar» can spend time watching films or interesting presentations on up-to-date social issues. For those who are interested in the medicine modern achievements and the latest methods of treatment of various diseases, experienced specialists give lectures regularly.
On certain days, holidaymakers organize concerts with the participation of local folk groups, music and singing groups. The fans of the musical creative activity of Ukrainian and foreign pop stars can enter their concerts, as far as celebrities give concerts in Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko’s Palace of Culture on a daily basis.
A lot of people come to the Shakhtar holiday resort not only to improve their state of health, but also to see the specific features of the Galician region and the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. They can take advantage of hundreds of offers from local tour operators and take part in both walking and coach tours. The tour organizers are ready to lead their clients down the Carpathians, to show them the historical part of the famous city of Lviv, to make insights into the ancient castles of Transcarpathian region, to go to Boyko villages or go fishing. For those who have more financial possibilities, they offer tours to European cities.
When staying at «Shakhtar», it’s difficult not to notice a small bar for 42 people, where each and every visitor is welcomed. 
In addition to the listed services, there is a shop and an ATM in the holiday resort. There is free Wi-Fi in the rooms and in the hall. 
Wise people say that there is no limit to perfection, so the infrastructure has been developing and the service improving regularly in «Shakhtar».

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