Medical treatment in the health resort

Medical treatment in Shakhtar health resort is considered to be one of the best among the holiday resorts in Truskavets balmeneolofical city resort. Not only residents of the post-Soviet countries, but also many foreigners choose it. Maintaining the medical treatment,  Shakhtar holiday resort, has secured leadership positions among the numerous holiday resorts, thanks to its up-to-date medical equipment. The newest equipment allows the holidaymakers to quickly undergo complex assessment  and get reliable results, on the basis of which qualified doctor prescribe correct and effective treatment.

In the medical bulk of the holiday resort there are:
Biochemical, clinical and bacteriological laboratories;
Urological, proctologic, gynecological offices;
Ultrasound diagnostics office;
Functional diagnostics of the cardiovascular system office;
Duodenal sounding and intragastric pH meter metering office;
X-ray office with computer processing of the received data;
Diagnostic centre of computer tomography using the latest tomograph "SIEMENS" Samatom Spirit.

Taking as a basis the data obtained during the assessment, doctors prescribe their patients the necessary medical or preventive procedures, as well as elaborate an interdividual diet for them.

Shakhtar holiday resort specializes in and treats diseases of gastrointestinal tract , liver, kidneys, urinary tract, pancreas, prostate, metabolism, musculo-skeletal system and diabetes mellitus.

Anyone who has ever heard of the Truskavets city resort can not but know about the local God’s gift the mineral water Naftusia. It is widely used to treat the above mentioned diseases. It is a brukish, magnesium-calcium, hydrocarbonate water of oil origin with high content of organic matter. The mineral water Naftusia  normalizes  metabolism, promotes the elimination of inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, stimulates the removal of sand and small stones from kidneys, gall bladder, urinary and biliary tract, protects and restores hepatic cells, increases the activity of the glands of the inner secretion, gets rid of slags, radionuclides and non-oxidized metabolic products which are in the body.
Apart from “Naftusia”, other waters of Truskavets are used in therapeutic practice such as  a spring Maria  and Sofia, as well as earth wax called nature paraffin.

Regarding the procedures, they various in Shakhtar holiday resort:
Mineral, coniferous, coniferous glycerine, pearl and vortex baths;
Oily, herbal, alkaline and medical inhalations; Hydropathy: ascending and circular showers;
Medicines entry;
Applications of nature paraffin;
Irrigation and washing of the intestine with tea or mineral water of the spring No. 5-WG;
Oily, herbal and medicated micro-enemas;
Gynecological procedures: vaginal irrigation, mud vaginal tampons;
Physical therapy;
Physiotherapeutic procedures: tube - quartz; treatment by the lamp "Bioptron"; UFO; Phonophoresis; galvanization; medical electrophoresis; D'Arsonvalization; amplplusterapy; laser therapy; diodine therapy; UHF therapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy.
Instillation of the bladder;
Bladder flush with: salt "Barbara", magnesia, sorbitol;
Manual massage: classic (1-1.5 units)
Aromatherapy, aqua aerobics in the pool

Shakhtar holiday resort also provides services that are not included into the package.
So, for an additional payment, the holidaymakers will be able to:
Discharge your energy in the gym;
Breathe salt water in the halo chamber;
Oxigenate your body
Swim in the pool;
Take advantage of the sauna and underwater shower;
Play table tennis.

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