Shakhtar health resort

Shakhtar health resort is well located. From here you can see the picturesque mountain landscapes, surrounding the Truskavets city resort, in plain sight. It is easy to get there not only by transport, but on foot as well. Truskavets city resort has been admitting for treatment people from different places for almost two centures. Medical treatment in Truskavets is provided by numerous health resorts among which the most famous one is Shakhtar holiday resort. It’s a large seven-storey building which consists of: bedroom block, medical diagnostic center and coffee-room.
Shakhtar holiday resort admits for treatment people with such diseases as: gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, bladder, prostate, pancreas, etc.. Diabetic people are provided with the treatment as well. The holiday resort has its own medical centre, equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. High-quality specialists with perennial experience work here.
Dietic food and mineral water «Naftusia», «Maria» and «Sofia», which Truskavets city resort is famous for, enhances the therapeutic effect of the prescribed treatment.
Shakhtar holiday resort has reached a high point of client service. A cozy room has been organized for children to take care of them. It’s a real children’s world, where there is everything necessary to satisfy their curiosity and playing activity needs. Children have a possibility to spend time watching cartoons, playing with educational kit, writing, drawing, playing and communicating with new friends to their heart content. The number of services is constantly increasing. Relaxation and treatment are more pleasant now. Shakhtar holiday resort in Truskavets, in its turn, designed a fine infrastructure for people to spend their free time.
On Shakhtar holiday resort grounds, there is a comfortable mansion  for people, who want to stay in Truskavets and feel like they are at home. It has become a real embellishment of this medical treatment resort.
Due to  the professional activities of holiday resorts like Shakhtar, Truskavets city resort has become well-known all over the world. The large number of holidaymakers is an evidence of its constantly growing popularity. The Shakhtar holiday resort is designed for 420 people, so everyone who wants to have a rest there should hurry up to book the vacation package for oneself and friends.

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